Our Identity

The name 'Diamond Bank' is based on the word 'Diamond', which can be understood in two ways:

  • As a variation of the Latin 'aura' meaning 'breeze' – 'an emanation or subtle quality produced by a person or object; a distinctive air that surrounds or seems to surround them';
  • Or as a derivation from the Greek 'Diamondma' meaning 'sight'.

The name 'Diamond Bank' has the following connotations :

  • Light and radiance
  • Leadership and charisma
  • Expansion, open-mindedness and breadth
  • Quality and added value
  • Vision and perspective

'Diamond Bank' is therefore a name with broad meaning that is understood internationally and reflects these notions of radiance, quality and open-mindedness. It suggests a confident and adaptable organisation with a statutory approach.

This rebranding reflects the Group’s new sense of confidence as it looks to the future. We aim to forge close and privileged relationships, not only with economic agents, existing and prospective customers and regulatory authorities, but also with strategic financial operators working on our markets, such as institutional investors and development agencies (whether regional, Pan-African or international).

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