Your cheque book

You will be given a cheque book in-branch within 7 days of submitting an order. The cheque books we provide comply with international security and identification standards.

Below is some advice on what to do if you lose your cheque book.

Lost or stolen cheque books

A cheque or cheque book can only be stopped if it is lost, stolen or used fraudulently while in your possession. If this happens, please ask your bank to stop the cheque or cheque book as quickly as possible.

How can I stop a cheque?

You can stop a cheque by contacting your bank as quickly as possible. Your request will be logged immediately and must be confirmed in writing.

Police report

If your cheque book is stolen or used fraudulently while in your possession, you must make a statement to the appropriate local authorities and request a receipt for the report, which should then be submitted to your bank.

Customer liability

You risk unlimited liability if you make a false statement, fail to stop a cheque promptly or if a member of your family uses your cheque book. It is a criminal offence to stop a cheque or cheque book without good reason.

Your bank card 

Choose a bank card that best meets your needs.

Diamond Bank offers a wide range of bank cards (subject to availability in different subsidiaries). Our personal banking customers can choose from a number of international Visa smart cards, while a Visa Business card will certainly be better suited to meet the needs of business customers.


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