Diamond Bank Group banks offer a range of competitive, customised borrowing solutions. We can use our experience of the African continent and the expertise of our employees to find the right solution for your business. Contact one of our Account Managers for advice on how best to manage your borrowing requirements, whether you are looking for an operating or investment loan.

Operating loans

Are you looking to borrow to finance your operating cycle (to purchase stock or cover accounts receivable)? We offer a range of short-term lending solutions, including:

  • very-short-term overdraft facilities, to manage a cash flow shortfall;
  • longer-term overdrafts, to manage your working capital requirements;
  • cash advances (spot credit and advances on term deposits, invoices and contracts);
  • seasonal credit, to manage fluctuations in revenue between harvests (cocoa, coffee, sugar cane, gum arabic, cotton, wood, etc.);
  • bank discounting of accounts receivable;
  • discounting of foreign currency cheques, to convert your foreign assets into local currency.

Investment loans

If you want to finance an investment, we offer:

  • short-term credit: up to 2 years;
  • medium-term credit: 2 - 5 years;
  • long-term credit: over 5 years.

Employee loans

If you want to outsource the management of your employee advances or loans, then contact us to find out more about our banking and microfinance (company loans to employees) solutions. Our competitive rates are available in-branch. Contact us to find out what documents are needed to make a loan application.

Diamond Bank Group has put in place special procedures to ensure that our teams are able to make a decision about your application as quickly as possible.

Diamond Bank Group banks aim to anticipate and adapt to their customers' needs. Contact us to discuss your plans and requirements and we will work with you to help you achieve your goals.

Contact an Diamond Bank Group bank to find out more.


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