Online fraud

Due to the nature of the sector in which it operates, the name 'Diamond Bank' and those of its managers are often used by fraudsters looking for people to help them transfer large amounts of money or perform inordinate business transactions. They may contact you by email, fax or post.

This type of cybercrime is known as a 'Nigerian letter' or 'Fraud 419'. The principle is simple: you are contacted by an individual who has several million dollars that they want to move out of a particular country or bank (in this instance, Diamond Bank). To do this, they contact you asking for your help in return for a big payment (10, 20 or even 40% of the amount to be transferred). However, they then ask for your bank details and an upfront payment to cover the initial formalities. If you respond then you risk becoming a victim of fraud.

If you receive a request of this kind, we recommend that you :

  • forward the email to
    , then delete it;
  • never respond in any way and never give out your bank details by email;
  • remain vigilant against those who claim they can help you make a quick and easy profit.

Diamond Bank Benin adheres to the principles of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and pays careful attention to how financial transactions are handled.
Diamond Bank Benin will take action whenever it deems necessary against those who use or try to use its trading name, the names of its managers, its logos or symbols for fraudulent purposes.
Diamond Bank Benin accepts no liability with regard to potential victims of fraud, who are advised to report the matter to the police or their diplomatic representative.


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