Diamond Bank Group is developing its skills and expertise in commercial banking services

The markets in which Diamond Bank Group operates are unusual in that only small numbers of their populations access and make use of banking services. The vast majority of economic agents operate within the informal economy and are excluded from the banking system. Our positioning and strategy of delivering services at local level mean that we can offer financial solutions to all stakeholders in the economies in which we operate, in line with our principles of responsiveness and localism. We encourage those with ideas for new projects to adopt a bold entrepreneurial spirit.

We offer a wide range of banking products and services, a network of more than a hundred branches through our 12 subsidiaries and leading correspondent banks, making Diamond Bank a trusted partner in the day-to-day lives of its local and international customers.

The Group's banks offer not only traditional banking services, but also 'customised' solutions to meet their customers' specific requirements. They are involved in all sectors and are true stakeholders in the economic development of each country in which they operate.

The fact that they are part of a banking group enables each subsidiary to benefit from the experience and technical support of other subsidiaries.

Who are our customers ?

Our customers share our values of professionalism, localism, responsiveness, innovation, expansion, open-mindedness and quality and appreciate our ethical and sustainable development principles. They include personal banking customers, businesses and professionals from a wide range of sectors, as well as international institutions and organisations.

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