• We believe that internal mobility is the best way to retain high-performing staff. As such, assuming that candidates are equally qualified to hold a particular post, priority should be given to internal candidates, save in exceptional cases.
  • Job advertisements must be circulated internally before being published externally.
  • When applying for an internal post, staff must inform their line manager of their intention to apply before submitting an application.
  • It is strictly prohibited to select candidates on the basis of non-professional motives or criteria, including, but not limited to, religious beliefs, age, sex, political views, ethnic origin, disability, membership of a trade union or physical appearance.
  • Assessment of candidates must be entirely objective. Recruiters should have good listening skills and an open-minded attitude. To ensure that candidates are not recruited on the basis of one individual's opinion, all recruitment must involve at least three people, including the Human Resources Manager.
  • Similarly, recruiters should have a real choice when selecting candidates for a post. It is therefore desirable that there are at least two candidates in contention for a post when recruiters make their final decision.
  • The use of assessment tools (such as tests, questionnaires or role play) is permitted, but must be approved in advance by the Group's Human Resources department. However, it is strictly prohibited to use handwriting, star sign or numerology analyses or projective tests.
  • Recruitment and employment conditions, including those relating to pay, must be identical for men and women.
  • To ensure that recruitment processes are entirely objective, candidates recommended by internal staff or third parties will be subject to exactly the same recruitment procedures as all other candidates. It is strictly prohibited for staff to recruit candidates from their immediate family.
  • Candidates must be informed that their qualifications and professional references may be checked.
  • As far as is possible, candidates must be contacted and informed in the event that their application is unsuccessful.
  • All staff involved in recruitment procedures undertake to respect professional secrecy and treat all information submitted as confidential.



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